Live Athlete ‚ÄčTracking

Want to track your Race when it's not listed?


Email us and ask about our rental options for non-listed events.


  • Live athlete tracking
  • Rentable lightweight GPS trackers
  • Tracking App that allows the athlete to use their phone to be tracked
  • Interactive Android and iOS Spectator app to live the experience
  • Customized alerts--tracking up to 6 athletes
  • Up to the moment athlete positioning
  • Get your cameras, signs and cheers ready--no more guessing where your athlete is!

SpectATHLETE will premier for the 2015 season


Checkout our list of events for 2015.

SpectATHLETE was designed to help family and friends of an athlete be a part of the experience.  It doesn't matter if it is a 10k, a century ride, or an Ironman 70.3.  SpectATHLETE provides the tracking service and allows the spectator to follow their athlete(s) during the race.  SpectATHLETE can even send an alert when a tracked athlete gets close.  Look for SpectATHLETE at your race venue to share the experience with everyone.  

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